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Hold Up Wait a Minute #14: Go team!

In Chicago, everybody is a superfan, including Reyna and Roberto. We’re talking sports talk this week, folks–as it relates to gender and sexuality, of course. Questions we cover in this episode: Why are misogynistic and gay slurs used to motivate athletes? What are the differences between WNBA and NBA players when coming out? Do out players make for good role models? How about outspoken professional athlete allies? Also, is that Ultimate Fighting you’re watching or a queer fetish porn? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Hold Up Wait a Minute #13: Reverse Sexism?

This week, Reyna and Roberto talk about the differences between sexism and so-called “reverse sexism.” Ugh. While reverse sexism may not be real, misandry is real and we’ll give y’all that. But that’s about it. Also, what does it mean that feminism is a bad word? Speaking of words, what do microaggressions and everyday occurrences (like dudes rolling up and talking to you out of nowhere) reveal about the pervasiveness of sexism?

On the Contrary #3: Is Cholo A Bad Thing?

Hector sits down with Luz, Abe and Claudio to discuss cholo culture, the power of language, religion in Latino culture, and a whole lot of other persisting controversies.

Hold Up Wait a Minute #12: Legalize it!

Sex sells–but just don’t sell sex! This week, Reyna and Roberto try to figure out why prostitution is illegal. How does prostitution differ from other forms of exploitation and objectification of the body? What about sex surrogates for the disabled? Do they provide therapy or sex work? Also, on the topic of needs, what about the need for accurate sex information? How do young folks get the information they need when they can’t access it online? Back in OUR day…

Modern Macho #8: Bob Stevlic

Claudio and Sir sit down with legendary illustrator Bob Stevlic and discuss the evolution of the Nerd from the archetypal 1980′s movie victim to the crux of modern fashion. Bob weighs in on the Modern Macho debate of all ages, and lays it to a definitive rest.

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Hold Up Wait a Minute #11: Living Single

In these twenty action packed minutes, Reyna and Roberto discuss stigma against single people, revealing some of their own biases and fears related to marriage in the process. Is there really someone for everyone? (Um, probably not. Especially if you smell gross and are unattractive.)  What do we want and what ‘should’ we want? Some people are saving themselves for marriage–and now, even some gay dudes are waiting for marriage. Plus, Roberto describes his future husband and family. Don’t steal his baby names. Tune in!

Modern Macho #7: Monica Lopez

Claudio and Sir chat with social worker extraordinaire Monica Lopez about the media’s effect on self image. Sir finds another batman supporter in Monica, but Claudio vows revenge in future episodes.

Hold Up Wait a Minute #10: Ornamental

First, ugh, Dove soap ad crap. Over it. Then, what do images of women in magazines say about the continued objectification of women? Does anyone care? Also, a compliment is not always a compliment–like when you tell a woman to smile. Not cool. We touch on why. You know what else isn’t cool? Forcing Iranian Kurdish criminals to wear women’s clothes as punishment. In protest, a campaign of random dudes donning women’s clothes sprung up instantly. We love them.

Modern Macho #6: Soulphonetics

Claudio and Sir chat up Caswell James and Christian Vera of the legendary Soulphonetics DJ crew. They discuss the Fight or Flight instinct and how it applies to life in the music scene, the history of Soulphonetics and upcoming projects. Claudio and Sr finally admit that the entire show is simply a ploy to get people to answer a single question that has been a source of contention for them since kindergarten. To find out more about Soulphonetics and to listen to some ass shaking beats find them on @soulphonetics

Intersections #3: Julio Ojeda-Zapata

Abraham talks to Julio Ojeda-Zapatatech writer for St. Paul Pioneer Press. He tells us about his background and his current work as a journalist, his workflow for writing for the web, print and books. We also discuss the intersections of new media, technology and how mobile/social platforms are affecting the digital divide in low income communities.

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