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Modern Macho

Hosted by Claudio Cortes and Sir Liggins this is a gentleman’s exploration and guide to being a man in today’s society. Subscribe on iTunes »

Modern Macho #9: DJ Mr. West

Claudio and Sir discuss civic & neighborhood pride with house music legend  Abraham Ocon AKA DJ West, AKA Dj Mr. Westeezy, aka Mr. Westeezy. They delve into West’s history in the Chicago house scene and musical influences. West answers The Big question and reveals some future plans. You can find Mr.Westeezy on all social media platforms; Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter.

Modern Macho #8: Bob Stevlic

Claudio and Sir sit down with legendary illustrator Bob Stevlic and discuss the evolution of the Nerd from the archetypal 1980′s movie victim to the crux of modern fashion. Bob weighs in on the Modern Macho debate of all ages, and lays it to a definitive rest.

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Modern Macho #7: Monica Lopez

Claudio and Sir chat with social worker extraordinaire Monica Lopez about the media’s effect on self image. Sir finds another batman supporter in Monica, but Claudio vows revenge in future episodes.

Modern Macho #6: Soulphonetics

Claudio and Sir chat up Caswell James and Christian Vera of the legendary Soulphonetics DJ crew. They discuss the Fight or Flight instinct and how it applies to life in the music scene, the history of Soulphonetics and upcoming projects. Claudio and Sr finally admit that the entire show is simply a ploy to get people to answer a single question that has been a source of contention for them since kindergarten. To find out more about Soulphonetics and to listen to some ass shaking beats find them on @soulphonetics

Modern Macho #5: Tyler Deal

Claudio and Sir sit down with screen printing legend Tyler Deal, and have an insightful chat about the age old dilemma of Confidence vs Arrogance. We also explore what it is like to come out as an artist in small town America as well as the need to escape to the big city. You can find Tyler on twitter @idiotpull.

Modern Macho #4 : Roy Kinsey

Claudio and Sir chatted & shared some drinks with Chicago rapper Roy”Royale” Kinsey. We discussed what it was like coming up in the Chicago rap scene as an openly gay rapper, as well as his latest album Rookie of the Year and future projects.  You can listen to Roy’s music on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, and Facebook

Modern Macho #3 : Reyes

Claudio & Manny Cortes sit down with Reyes world renowned spoken word poet,artist, actor, and overall great guy and chatted about ; his journey in life,how Michael Reyes came to be Reyes, the origins of his new Album, We Are as well as his plans for the future. You can find Reyes via reyespoetry.com or on all social media outlets via @Reyes . Check out his newest music video for the single We Are .

Modern Macho #2: Charlie Glitch

Claudio Cortes & Luis Martinez sit down with Carlos Rodriguez also known as Charlie Glitch world renowned dj,producer,musician and chatted about ; his journey in life, how Carlos Rodriguez came to be Charlie Glitch, the origins of Ghetto Division Records and his plans for the future. You can find Charlie via ghettodivision.com or soundcloud : @charlieglitch Check out one of his best tracks here: Charlieglitch – Techno-sex-russ-mack-charlie


Modern Macho #1: Marco Castro

Join Claudio Cortes, Marco Castro, and Sircedrick Liggens as they explore the influences, Inspirations, and driving forces that led them to becoming the men they are today. They dig a little deeper to explore gender roles, and the influence that sexual perception had in developing their professional lives.

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